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Ask your elected officials act for Kashmir

These numbers are a frightening testimony of what Kashmiris have had to live through for the past seventy years
Civilians arrested
Structures Destroyed
Children orphaned
Total killings
Women widowed
Custodial killings
Gang rapes

Source: Kashmir Media Service & C.J. Werleman

You can help change Kashmir's future

Kashmir needs us and it’s going to take each and every one of us to make a difference. Help us make an impact by doing one thing for Kashmir every day as part of our #KashmirAction campaign to #FreeKashmir

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On July 25 2020, we're having a one-of-its-kind Global Digital Rally for Kashmir that will be broadcast live on Muslim Network TV which airs via the Galaxy-19 Satellite to over 55-million people in the US, Canada and Mexico and internationally via Roku, Amazon FireTV, Youtube and several other platforms. Join the diverse Kashmiri voices from around the world by registering free.

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