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Human Rights Watch United Nations Kashmir Scholars Jammu Kashmir Coalition for Civil Society Amnesty International

“Till I am alive, I will continue to fight for justice and speak truth to power”

A Kashmiri torture survivor

Everyone wants Kashmir but no one wants Kashmiris.
Aren’t I a miracle? A seed that survived the slaughter & slaughters to come.
I think I believe in freedom I just don’t know where it is.
I think I believe in home, I just don’t know where to look.” 

― Fatimah Asghar, If They Come for Us
Books About Kashmir

13 Books On Kashmir

1. Amin, Taher. Mass Resistance in Kashmir: Origins, Evolution, Options. Institute of Policy Studies, Islamabad 2. The Human Rights Commission Srinagar, Kashmir Bleeds, IPS,…

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Over 13,000 Kashmiri boys have been abducted by the Indian army. Help us free them by signing this petition!

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