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Free the 13,000 Kashmiri Boys Abducted by the Indian Army

To U. S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

To The Honorable António Guterres
Secretary-General at the United Nations

To The Executive Director, UNICEF

We, the undersigned, request that you use your personal influence to get the Indian government to release the 13,000 Kashmiri boys who have been detained in Kashmir – some taken several thousand miles away to India- after the revocation of Article 370.

According to the Washington Post, these boys have been tortured and their exact location is unknown.

Some of these boys are being tortured right on the street to terrorize the population. The torture included “electric shocks and being hung upside down for prolonged periods.”

In an interview with Outlook India after visiting Kashmir, Ms. Annie Raja of the National Federation of Indian Women said that

“according to reports available to us, 13,000-plus young boys between 13-28 years of age have been picked up and put in jail. We also spoke to mothers whose sons were picked up by the army. Mothers are furious and they are frantically looking to locate the children. Women say that when their children step out of the house, it feels like ’this could be the last time we are seeing them.’”

These boys who should be with their family and studying in school are in jails, and mothers and family members do not know where they have been sent.

This is an outrage. The Indian government must immediately release these innocent boys, unharmed, to their families.

We believe the United Nations can do at least this much for Kashmiri mothers.

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